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How do I submit my books

Date of Submissions

Submission of comics will be done on selected dates only to ensure the books are kept safe and minimise risk of damages and will be taken away on that day for processing.

Comics will be transported in Secure Comic Cases. We will announce the dates on our social media and will start in August 2022.

Place of Submissions

GnB Comics at 809 French Road Kitchener Complex #02-38 Singapore 200809

Turnaround times
Please note that turnaround times are only estimates and are not guaranteed and only provided as an estimate.

As the global logistics are unpredictable now, there may be factors that we cannot control which may affect the turnaround times.

How much does our CGC grading cost?

We will update our pricing soon.

How do I pay?

Payment is to be made online or at the store

A confirmation email will be sent to you to verify that your books have been submitted.

Options to make payment online on our website will be at a later stage

How do I follow up on my submitted books?

You may email to cgc@comic.com.sg only.

We aim to bring the best prices to our GnB Universe so we will not opt for the fastest shipping so if it is urgent, please select the faster option.

The storefront will not entertain any enquiries on turnaround times for grading comics


Important Note: Our Customer assumes all risk of loss or damage to collectibles during to and return shipment from the Certified Collectibles Group of Companies.
Different carriers provide different levels of protection for collectibles.

FedEx - $100 maximum declared value (per package)

UPS - $100 maximum declared value (per package)

In any collectibles market, the key criteria is TRUST!

We at GnB Comics has been collecting comics since 1990s and we find that buying rare comics around the world results in many false representations of the condition of the comics.

We have found that CGC graded comics are more of an insurance to better define the condition of the comics we collect when we receive it. After years of collecting, we have found it to be an easy tool to keep and it’s a great way to collect and keep them secure.

Pre- Covid world, we have many requests from our GnB Universe to provide slabbing services. We took a while to look at this is because we want to provide the best logistic and secure solutions and most affordable price format to our customers and especially to our members.

We have now developed a series of secure ways to pack and ship and submit them which we will revealed in a later timing.

However, the key component service we are offering is TRUST.

With a BirdNest empire sprawling across the region and cold room logistics across many key industries, GnB has always been formulated by passion and love for comics and less on the all mighty dollar.

You can TRUST with GnB Comics to protect and deliver your collectibles for the proper and correct grading.

As collector of trading cards too, we will also provide trading cards grading.

VHS and video games will follow soon.


Certified Guaranty Company® (CGC®) revolutionized the comic book marketplace when it was founded in 2000 by providing clear, objective and impartial assessments of authenticity and grade. Today, CGC is the world's largest and most trusted third-party grading service for comics, trading cards, magazines, concert posters and related collectibles with more than 10 million collectibles certified since 2000.


CGC uses a highly accurate, industry standard 10-point grading scale to evaluate collectibles Each submitted comic book is evaluated and documented by CGC’s in-house experts and assigned a numerical value from 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), based on its physical condition.


Slabbing is the process of encapsulating your graded comic book with an easy-to-understand label that contains all relevant information on it. The label features a comprehensive description of the collectible along with its CGC grade and unique CGC certification number.

CGC Holders

Crystal-clear Display-The crystal­-clear plastic’s superior optics unleash a comic’s true color and vibrancy. The redesigned label is cleaner and easier to read, showcasing the grade and even more details about the book, and allowing you to easily identify the book from both the front and back

Superior Preservation and Security-The holder’s sturdy outer plastic better resists impcts. The Holder design uses precise pressure to lock the comic in place for enhanced protection, and the hologram affirming authenticity is now hot-stamped and embedded into the plastic for improved protection and increased security.

The CGC holder is designed for long-term preservation and provides superior protection for your books. A properly handled and stored CGC-certified book can last for generations.

The CGC holder is made from high-quality materials and is entirely archival-safe. The inner well that holds books, for example, is comprised of PETG, a plastic that is well known to be archival-safe and extremely clear. This PETG well is placed inside of a durable outer case that is sonically welded to ensure a secure, tamper-evident seal. For added long-term preservation, CGC inserts *MicroChamber® paper into vintage books prior to encapsulation. This MicroChamber paper helps to neutralize the natural acidity of some books by using a specialized, proprietary "zeolite" that was designed to absorb and hold the molecules known to damage archival collections. That is why MicroChamber paper is used by many of the world's most respected museums and institutions, including the Smithsonian Institution, the Getty Conservation Institute, the Louvre, the British Museum and the Northeast Document Conservation Center. To further protect books from the natural off-gassing that releases acidic molecules over time, CGC has a secure sonic seal that is NOT airtight so that acidic molecules are not trapped inside the holder.
*MicroChamber® is a registered trademark of Conservation Resources International, Inc.


Description automatically generated

CGC has different labels for different kinds of books.

GCG Common Labels

BLUE LABEL (Universal)This label is given to collectibles that are simply the grade as marked, with no qualifiers or special considerations.

YELLOW LABEL (CGC Signature) - This label is applied to collectibles that have been signed by someone of significance to the collectible, under the direct observation of a CGC authorized witness, and are thus certified by CGC as having an authentic signature. In select instances, CGC may accept signed collectibles directly from the signer/publisher.

GEEEN LABEL (Qualified) - A Qualified label is used by CGC for collectibles that have a significant defect that needs specific description, or to note an unauthenticated signature (one which was not witnessed by CGC).

PURPLE LABEL (Restored) - This label is applied to any comic book that has evidence of repair so that it will appear as it did when it was in its original condition. Restoration can come in a variety of degrees, from slight professional restoration (A-1) to extensive amateur restoration (C-5).

Pedigree Label (Gold) - This label is applied to any comic book that is part of a CGC recognized pedigree collection. Many pedigree collections were recognized and accepted by the hobby before CGC came into existence.

NG LABEL (No Grade) – This label stands for "No Grade" and is assigned to comics that are either missing the entire cover, or one half or more of the interior pages, or both. It may also be assigned to comics that are only being verified as authentic, per CGC's discretion.

Signed comics

Can I get previously-signed books authenticated by CGC? CGC does not offer this service. All books not signed under a CGC authorized witness will not be accepted as this existing signatures will be listed as “NAME WRITTEN ON COVER IN MARKER”, and identified as an existing defect that will lower the overall grade under BLUE LABEL.

Poly-bagged comics

CGC does not certify sealed poly-bagged comics. To have a poly-bagged comic certified by CGC, you must remove the comic from its poly-bag or send written approval authorizing CGC to remove it. The words "Poly-bag removed" appear on the CGC label.

Certificate of Authenticity

Please do not send Certificate of Authenticity to CGC along with your books. We will not need them and cannot guarantee that they will be returned along with your submission.

Pressing/restoration services? CGC does not perform pressing, dry cleaning, restoration, restoration removal or any similar treatments for comic books.


Once your submission is in transit to CGC, your order cannot be cancelled or changed. CGC has already started working on your submission to perform your requested services. No refunds can be given after a submission has been delivered.