Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

FUAQ Frequently Ultimate Answered Questions

Cancellation Policy: Please note that once you have made a paid order with us, it means that we have processed the order for you. If you cancel your order after 48 hours, you will be subject to a penalty fee of 30% of the order.

To avoid a cancellation fee, please provide cancellation notice within 48 hours of order to delivery@comic.com.sg. 

For cancellation of orders, there will be no refunds. Cancellation amount will be made in full for store credit online

The prices in the store and online are mostly the same.

Sometimes, we have different promotions in store and online. For example, FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is held online only and not at the store.

Therefore, sometimes we have in store excluisve promotion and likewise online sales exclusives.

Both operations are not obliged to entertain the same promos on either platform.

Please do not ask why the prices is different as the store and online is independant of each other if there was ever a case.

The shop only serves as a pick up point for the website

The GnB store only acts as a pick up point for the online orders.

The Store is not able to amend/change/check/refund anything relating to the website

We mianly order the comics 2 months in advance. Sometimes we do order a little spare but they are easily sold and might not have enough by the time the shipment arrives.\

There is a small window to add orders known as the FOC period. After FOC, the comics will be printed and any additions after that is based on stock level at publisher.

Hence we took great effort to include the countdown timer to let you know which title can still be pre-ordered.


Any orders made after FOC will be termed as RE-ORDERS and they are subjected to the publisher whether they have extra stocks as the comics would have been printed. 

Unfortunately, we are not operating from the store. Please direct all enquiries relating to the store to the store itself by calling 68372280 or emailing them at gnb@comic.com.sg 

Every week, there will be damaged comics in the shipping from point of orign.

We at GnB will always sort out the damaged comics and then will claim for replacement copies

Sometimes the publisher has printing issues and cannot deliver the full qty.

At GnB, we always try our best to fulfil pre-orders.

Replacement copies are dependant on the publishers having backup stocks